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March 1-5, Orlando, Florida

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  • American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) Hot Topic Webinar: HIPAA Security - A Decade of Ignorance, A Decade of Breaches - 5/12/2016 - 5/12/2016

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Wellington K. Hsu, MD, Alex C. McLaren, MD, and Bryan D. Springer, MD, Editors

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Career Opportunities

  • Mt. Tam Orthopedics

    Hand surgeon

    Mt. Tam Orthopedics is a ten person orthopedic group located in Marin County, CA. 

  • BDCH Orthpedics and Sports Medicine Clinic

    General orthopedics as well as subspecialty skills

    Beaver Dam Community Hospital (BDCH), in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, in conjunction with BDCH Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.


  • Bariatric surgery prior to total knee replacement may reduce complications and costs for patients with morbid obesity

    A new, computer model-based evaluation appearing in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, supports bariatric surgery in morbidly obese patients with end-stageosteoarthritis (loss of cartilage and joint pain, caused by aging and use) prior to TKR.

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  • William N. Levine, MD, is new editor-in-chief of JAAOS


Osteoporosis Prevalence: Percentages in US

Source: United States Bone and Joint Initiative: The Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States (BMUS), Third Edition, 2014. Rosemont, IL. Available at www.boneandjointburden.org . Accessed on (11/10/15).