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A Record Payout from a Broken Malpractice System

Eeric Truumees, MD
In the Editor’s Message, Eeric Truumees, MD, discusses this year’s largest single payout to a patient for medical malpractice and the impact of malpractice suits on physicians and patients.

The Rise of the MD/MBA

Ahmed Siddiqi, DO, MBA (Candidate)
With the evolution of health care and a focus on fiscal management and economics, maintaining a medical practice—whether independent practice or hospital employment—is a challenge. To adapt to the evolving healthcare profession, aspiring doctors and practicing physicians are increasingly studying business and medicine concomitantly.

Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Orthopaedic

Alan M. Reznik, MD, MBA, FAAOS, and Kenneth Urish, MD, PhD
It seems we hear daily about advances in artificial intelligence (AI). And although AI clearly has huge potential, it also poses ethical and physical dilemmas. This article provides a primer for those who have limited knowledge of AI, its history, and the newest possibilities.

First Female African-American Surgeon Shapes Orthopaedics

Wayne A. Johnson, MD
Claudia Lynn Thomas, MD, was the first woman to graduate from the Yale University orthopaedic residency program and the first African-American woman in history to become an orthopaedic surgeon. Since then, Dr. Thomas has committed herself to mentoring children, underrepresented minorities, and residents

Visual Abstracts Make Scholarly Publications More ‘Social’

Alok D. Sharan, MD, MHCDS; Greg Schroeder, MD; and Alexander Vaccaro, MD, PHD, MBA
Academic journals are currently undergoing a digital transformation. Social media represent a natural evolution in the communication of scientific information, and visual design plays a large part. Academic journals are increasingly using visual abstracts—infographics that provide high-level summaries of new papers—on their social media channels.