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New Orthopaedic Video Theater Is Now a Member Benefit

The Orthopaedic Video Theater (OVT)—a growing collection of nearly 700 peer-reviewed, orthopaedic surgical videos—is now available to all AAOS members as a member benefit, representing a $349 annual value. OVT provides trusted content with none of the clutter of other video sites.

Tort Reform and the Impact on Medical Malpractice

Eeric Truumees, MD
This Editor’s Message continues the discussion of a record malpractice payout with a focus the system’s impact on physicians and the advantages and limitations of current efforts at tort reform.

Study Follows Up on Skeletally Immature Patients with Osteochondritis Dissecans in the Knee

Terry Stanton
Skeletally immature patients who had osteochondritis dissecans in the knee demonstrated “clinically promising outcomes” at 14 years of follow-up, according to a study presented during the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting.

The Regulatory Side of Lawmaking Can Be Confusing

Shreyasi Deb, PhD, MBA
AAOS advocates before federal and state legislative, regulatory, and executive agencies to improve musculoskeletal care for patients. Although many people are familiar with the Congressional legislative process, fewer understand the development of regulations. AAOS leverages four strategies to make regulatory advocacy more effective.

Knee Arthroscopy and OA: The Numbers Rarely Add Up to 29880

Timothy L. Miller, MD
The utility of arthroscopy for the treatment of patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) has become increasingly questioned. This article discusses common questions and guidance on knee arthroscopy and OA.