Published 9/1/2021

Bone Beat: AAOS Launches Third Podcast

Meeting attendees are encouraged to visit the recording studio in the Resource Center

AAOS is excited to announce the official launch of a new professional development–focused podcast. Produced by the AAOS Resident Assembly, the “AAOS Career Podcast” will join AAOS’ advocacy-focused podcast under the umbrella name “The Bone Beat Orthopaedic Podcast Channel.” The new podcast will join the Academy’s monthly “JAAOS Unplugged ®” podcast series. In creating these shows in partnership with surgeon leaders, AAOS looks forward to facilitating engaging conversations on its rapidly growing platform. Whether members become avid followers of a single show or listen to an occasional episode on the channel, AAOS hopes they will enjoy the podcasts and walk away having learned something new.

“AAOS Career Podcast,” launched August 2021 by the AAOS Resident Assembly

“AAOS Career Podcast” covers professional development topics of interest to the musculoskeletal community, from financial literacy and research opportunities to surgical skills and networking. Conversations between early-career surgeons and experienced attendings offer practical tools for guided growth in the specialty.

The original idea for the podcast was submitted as a Resident Assembly Advisory Opinion and approved by the Resident Assembly Executive Committee, the Resident Assembly body, and the Membership Council. In addition to providing practical advice for professional development, the show will serve as a forum for sharing personal stories from senior leaders within orthopaedics.

Learn more at www.aaos.org/thebonebeat-career.

“AAOS Advocacy Podcast,” launched March 2020 by the AAOS Office of Government Relations

The “AAOS Advocacy Podcast,” formerly “The Bone Beat” podcast, covers the latest health-policy issues affecting musculoskeletal health, from healthcare disparities to elections to the shift of procedures toward the outpatient setting. Each episode features expert insights on the changing landscape of orthopaedics and advocacy efforts to advance quality of and access to care. The show is designed to expand AAOS’ reach and encourage conversations about these health policy initiatives, as well as highlight the organization’s ongoing advocacy work.

Learn more at www.aaos.org/thebonebeat-advocacy.

JAAOS Unplugged ®,” Launched January 2019 by JAAOS ® and the AAOS Resident Assembly

JAAOS ® is a trusted source of cutting-edge primary research and in-depth review articles from world experts in the field of orthopaedics. Join host Stephanie Pearce, MD, as she summarizes articles and reviews featured articles from the latest issues of JAAOS.

Learn more at journals.lww.com/jaaos.

Onsite recording studio

Attendees at the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting have the unique opportunity to learn more about the shows at the onsite recording studio in the Resource Center located in Academy Hall. Podcast staff and physician leaders will be at the studio throughout the week to meet with visitors and collect feedback and ideas for future guests and topics. They will even be recording content for future episodes. Stop by to learn more about AAOS podcasts and how to get involved.

Listen and subscribe today

AAOS members can listen to the podcasts at www.aaos.org/thebonebeat or on any podcast application, including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. Members also can subscribe for notifications when new episodes air. The Academy encourages listeners to leave ratings to help the shows be more easily found.

Send questions, comments, or episode ideas to podcasts@aaos.org.