Attend the Resident Assembly Education Forum on Thursday to learn more about the advantages and applications of artificial intelligence in orthopaedics and understand the critical challenges of this technology.


Published 3/8/2024

Unlocking the Future of Orthopaedics: Dive into AI at the AAOS Resident Education Forum

Are you ready to explore the cutting edge of orthopaedic innovation? The Resident Assembly Education Forum is proud to present an enlightening session on “AI in Orthopaedics: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going.” Attend this groundbreaking symposium on artificial intelligence (AI) in orthopaedics, taking place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Thursday in Moscone West, Room 2008.

Understanding AI in orthopaedics
This symposium is a unique opportunity for all members, including residents, resident-delegates, and program directors, to delve into the world of AI and its impact on patient care. The symposium format features prominent speakers and an open Q&A, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

The session kicks off with highlights from AAOS Education Council Chair Andrew H. Schmidt, MD, FAAOS, setting the stage for an enlightening journey. Learn about the basics of AI, its historical development, and its various subfields, including deep learning, narrow AI, and semi-supervised generative AI. Esteemed guest speakers Kyle Kunze, MD; Justin Krogue, MD; and Michael Rivlin, MD, will offer more insights on topics like machine learning, image processing, research, and the foundations of AI in healthcare.

As presenters explore the advantages and applications of AI in orthopaedics, the symposium will not shy away from addressing critical issues. The session will discuss potential biases, privacy compliance challenges, and the importance of verifying the accuracy of AI outputs. Knowing how to identify pitfalls is crucial for meaningful treatment goals and expectations.

This year’s symposium promises an engaging panel discussion moderated by Joseph Kocan, MD; Rex Lutz, DO; and Heather Haeberle, MD, delving into audience questions and providing insights into the future of AI in orthopaedics.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to be at the forefront of AI in orthopaedics and to reshape the future of patient care together. Be sure to use the hashtags #AIOrthoSymposium, #OrthopaedicInnovation, and #AAOS2024 when sharing highlights from this event on social media.

For inquiries about the event, please reach out to Elizabeth Durham, liaison, Resident Assembly Education Committee, by email at