Kurt P. Spindler, MD, FAAOS, answers a question from the audience during Symposium C, “Utilizing Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Practice: Increasing Value for Patients and Surgeons,” on Monday morning.


Published 3/8/2024

Symposium C Addresses the Value of PROMs and Explains Integration Best Practices in Detail

On Monday, the AAOS Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Workgroup provided a compelling kickoff to the Annual Meeting with a symposium titled “Utilizing PROMs in Practice: Increasing Value for Patients and Surgeons.” Moderated by Kurt P. Spindler, MD, FAAOS, the panel reviewed strategies to optimize PROMs collection and, more importantly, integrate these tools into clinical practice. Highlights included improving shared decision making, managing patient expectations, and optimizing clinical outcomes.

Attendees gained an understanding of the rapidly evolving payer requirements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regarding PROMs submission and reporting, as well as the clinical benefits of PROMs collection and utilization. The session also discussed strategies to increase collection and utilization of PROMs in practice. The panel was able to leverage data from a PROMs Utilization Survey of AAOS members, which took place April and May 2023, to highlight the importance of PROMs and current implementation trends.

Presentations included “What Are PROMs and How Are They Currently Utilized?” presented by Lauren Shapiro, MD; “Relevant PROMs Policy Considerations for My Practice,” presented by James Huddleston, MD, FAAOS; “Are My Patients Missing Out?” presented by Brian Cunningham, MD, FAAOS, FAOA; “The Hospital Model,” presented by Jason Koh, MD, MBA, FAAOS; and “The Academic Model,” presented by Dr. Spindler. The panel concluded the session with an interactive Q&A session with attendees that addressed practical considerations across different practice types and locations and barriers to the implementation of a PROMs program, including staff burden and challenges with patient completion.

About the PROMs Workgroup
The AAOS PROMs Workgroup is focused on all aspects of AAOS activities, working to incentivize the active clinical use of PROMs at the point of musculoskeletal care. In the coming years, PROMs will play a more prominent role in assessing performance, the effectiveness of orthopaedic interventions, and eventually reimbursement due to a growing emphasis on patient-centered care and value-based payment.

The PROMs Workgroup encourages all members to regularly visit aaos.org/proms to benefit from an ever-expanding set of tools and resources that consolidate and simplify information and expertise from a broad range of stakeholders and orthopaedic experts. The site offers key resources and best practices to help surgeons and healthcare organizations implement and utilize PROMs at the point of care.