Community Groups, available via the AAOS Membership App, allow AAOS members to connect with one another, engage in conversations, and safely discuss patient cases.


Published 6/20/2024

Member Feedback Drives Lasting Change

The annual Member Value and Satisfaction Survey is an invaluable tool to assess the ever-evolving needs of AAOS members. Member feedback provides the leadership team with insights to help determine changes that will enrich the AAOS experience and enhance the organization’s impact on the musculoskeletal community. More than 5,000 members participated in the 2023 survey, a 50 percent increase from the previous year. Respondents provided their perspectives on the organization’s successes and identified areas for improvement to continue advancing the highest-quality care for patients.

“It is crucial that the Academy authentically represent and serve our members by becoming an integral part of their professional and often personal lives,” said Valerae O. Lewis, MD, FAAOS, chair of the AAOS Membership Council. “Under the leadership of Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, FAAOS, the 2023 Membership Council made significant strides in identifying areas where programmatic improvements and innovations were necessary to better serve our community. We anticipate this momentum to continue with the 2024 survey that will launch in September.”

Community Groups, available via the AAOS Membership App, allow AAOS members to connect with one another, engage in conversations, and safely discuss patient cases.
Valerae O. Lewis, MD, FAAOS

Driven by the survey feedback, AAOS introduced and enhanced services, resources, and tools aimed at improving education initiatives, increasing member value and experience, and strengthening advocacy efforts.

Members shared their appreciation for the wide range of educational resources available, such as journal access, online videos, continuing education modules, courses, webinars, and the Annual Meeting. Feedback indicated a need for more accessible and affordable education options, and the following improvements were implemented:

  • The new platform offers an upgraded user experience with streamlined delivery of AAOS’ online learning offerings in various formats, such as webinars, assessment tools, and virtual courses, all of which are free or discounted as a benefit of AAOS Membership.
  • In early 2024, the Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge platform enhanced its capabilities, empowering program directors to create custom schedules and study plans for their residents more efficiently.
  • Inspired by member input, the newly established AAOS Learning Innovation Lab leverages the latest technology and offers new products and solutions on trending topics to address gaps in content and delivery by actively funneling concepts into actionable educational offerings. In 2023, it launched Diagnosis Spotlight and ICL360, which can now be found on

Member focus and experience
Although members recognized AAOS’ dedication to making every member feel valued, there is still a clear desire for greater representation, personalized engagement, streamlined communication, and connection within the AAOS community. “We learned that our members craved an easy-to-use and accessible platform that provides everything from networking opportunities and overviews of educational courses to help with network and community building of like-minded members, all at their fingertips,” Dr. Lewis added.

In addition to expanding membership offerings and benefits, the following technology improvements were implemented to enhance the member experience:

  • The AAOS Membership App now includes AAOS Community Groups. This pilot program is exclusive to AAOS members and provides a HIPAA-compliant, safe, secure space to network and share practice-specific and career-stage topics and personal hobbies. Groups including Ortho Runners, Ortho Travelers, Reconstructive Hip and Knee, Residents, Sports, and Women in Ortho enhance professional development and personal connections with colleagues and mentors.
  • In September, members will have access to a brand new MyAccount portal, where they can manage their preferences and directory listings, update their profiles, track educational activities and CME, locate invoices and receipts, pay their invoices, and more.

With the rising cost of healthcare, unsustainable Medicare reimbursement rates, and other critical health-policy issues, members are eager to have lawmakers hear their voices. Federal and state advocacy and lobbying efforts focused on enhancing patient care, representing member interests, and addressing healthcare policy issues that often stand in the way of providing timely access to high-quality musculoskeletal care for patients. Highlights of AAOS’ collective advocacy work include:

  • Significant progress was made on Medicare payment-reform legislation, establishing a new coverage pathway for total hip and knee arthroplasty pre-optimization and proposing a condition-based reimbursement model.
  • Both Congress and regulatory agencies prioritized policymaking to streamline prior authorization and exempt physicians with high approval ratings.
  • At the 2023 Combined National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference/Fall Meeting, AAOS volunteer leaders took to Capitol Hill and engaged with members of Congress and/or staff more than 720 times, which generated 23 new cosponsors and 41 new signatories on AAOS-endorsed legislation.

The 2024 Member Value and Satisfaction Survey will open in early September 2024. For more information on how AAOS listens to its members, visit