Members who have an interest in contributing to the mission and vision of AAOS are encouraged to visit to view and apply for available volunteer positions that interest them. The application period is open now through Aug. 1.


Published 5/29/2024

CAP Volunteer Application Period Is Open

The deadline to apply for AAOS committee or council positions is Aug. 1

With more than 70 councils and committees, AAOS seeks to facilitate broad participation across members from all backgrounds in terms of age, race, gender, geography, and practice setting, as well as match members with the positions best suited to their experience and practice. The goals of the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) Committee are to appoint the most qualified and committed members for volunteer positions and involve as many new members from all backgrounds as possible.

The CAP volunteer application period is open now through Aug. 1. All council and committee positions that are expected to become vacant at the conclusion of the 2025 Annual Meeting are currently posted on the CAP website. Members who have an interest in contributing to the mission and vision of AAOS are encouraged to visit to view and apply for available volunteer positions that interest them. Member username and password are required to view and apply for positions of interest. Volunteers should keep in mind that the CAP system is designed so interested members can only view positions for which their membership category is eligible to apply.

Each position includes a detailed set of expectations, eligibility criteria, expected time commitment, and list of qualifications. Interested volunteers are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest through the AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program as part of the application process. Each candidate is asked to provide two AAOS Fellows as references. AAOS members who lead a committee or to whom the committee reports are not available to serve as references for that committee within the CAP system.

Please consider the following points when deciding on the position(s) that may be of interest.

The most important factor is to apply for positions in one’s areas of interest and experience, as these are the factors evaluated during the selection process. When reviewing vacancy postings in the CAP system, please note the time commitment involved for service on a committee, particularly in the form of meetings, conference calls, and reading/preparation, as well as the length of the term, which all vary from one position to another.

For first-time applicants or early-career members, consider applying for an opening on an evaluation committee reporting to the Education Assessments and Examinations Committee. These committees are involved in preparing AAOS examinations. Subspecialty program committees are another option for members early in their careers or new to volunteering with AAOS.

For members interested in a position as a committee chair, it is important to have previous experience on that committee or in a related area. Preference is given to those who have completed the AAOS Leadership Institute modules, particularly for leadership roles.

Council positions are filled predominantly by individuals who have previously and successfully served on committees within the respective council. Council chair positions are also posted in the CAP system, and recommendations are made by AAOS leadership, with consideration given to members who have been active on the committees or workgroups that are part of the council.

Applicants may consider contacting the current chair of that particular governance unit to express their interest and any relevant expertise. Email is generally the best initial method of contact.

AAOS committee service generally is limited to one committee, but there are some exceptions to the rule. Someone currently serving on a committee may not be eligible for a new committee appointment based on their current term of service. For members who are unsure of their eligibility, check the Committee Appointment Regulations and Procedures on the CAP website. Direct any questions about the CAP process to Yasseline Knoke at