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Published 2/12/2024

Revolutionizing Education: VIPER Sessions Debut at AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting

The AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting in San Francisco is set to unveil an exciting and innovative education format debuting under the name VIPER sessions. Spearheaded by the program chair of the event, Rafael Sierra, MD, FAAOS, VIPER stands for Video, Paper, Education, and Research—a format designed to revolutionize traditional paper sessions.

Traditionally, paper sessions have followed a predictable pattern of presenting papers followed by discussions. However, VIPER sessions aim to break away from the conventional mold. Dr. Sierra introduced this format as a reimagined paper session, promising a more engaging and insightful experience for attendees.

The structure of VIPER sessions unfolds in a unique manner. The session kicks off with a block of four 4-minute paper presentations, injecting a dynamic start to the traditional format. Following this, a video presentation led by the moderator takes center stage, providing a multimedia dimension to the educational experience. The ensuing discussion seamlessly integrates the papers and the video, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the topics presented.

This pattern repeats throughout the session, offering multiple blocks of papers, videos, and discussions. Dr. Sierra emphasized that this innovative approach aims to actively engage the audience and equip them with practical tips and recommendations that can be immediately applied in their professional practices.

As Dr. Sierra invited attendees to the AAOS 2024 meeting, he encouraged them to look for the acronym VIPER preceding the name of paper sessions. This designation signifies participation in this groundbreaking educational format carefully crafted by the Academy. The VIPER sessions promise to not only enhance the learning experience but also contribute to a more interactive and dynamic exchange of knowledge among orthopaedic professionals.

With this visionary approach, the AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting sets a new standard in medical education, embracing technology and innovation to elevate the learning journey for all participants.