Surgeon on the Street:

How many annual meetings have you attended? Which was your favorite?

Niraj Garg, MS

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

Alan M. Levine, MD


“This is my first Annual Meeting. Las Vegas is a beautiful city, and this convention is excellent—it is a highly informative meeting. I definitely plan on coming to more Annual Meetings in the future.”

“I went to my first Annual Meeting in Chicago in 1970 as a guest of my father, who is also an orthopaedic surgeon. Since then, I’ve been to about 25 Annual Meetings. Coming back to Las Vegas is fun. Every year is different because lots of interesting, exciting things are always happening at the Annual Meeting.”

Michael P. Young, MD

Barrington, Ill.

Franklin Shuler, MD, PhD

Morgantown, W. Va.

“I’ve been to about a dozen Annual Meetings, and I’ve liked them all. Every city has been unique and there’s always a lot to do. New Orleans was a lot of fun.”

“This is probably my fifth or sixth Annual Meeting since leaving residency. This year, I’m an instructor for an Instructional Course Lecture and I’m doing a podium presentation as well. I don’t know yet if I have a favorite—it depends on how this one turns out. Washington, D.C., was pretty good because of the environment and location.”