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Exhibitor Event and Meeting Space

Exhibitors desiring to host events or functions beyond their booth space at the AAOS Annual Meeting must obtain written approval from AAOS. Meeting spaces are exclusively available to exhibitors at AAOS 2025. To facilitate a seamless request and planning process, the following guidelines have been established.

  • Activities involving Annual Meeting attendees may only be scheduled within the following criteria:

    • Morning meetings on Monday, March 10 - Thursday, March 13 must conclude by are to end by 8 a.m.
    • Evening events on Monday, March 10 - Thursday, March 13 are to begin after 6 p.m.
      • Exhibitors are advised not begin registration or travel to the event earlier than 6 p.m.
    • No meetings/events with attendees can be scheduled during AAOS education sessions.
    • Official Annual Meeting exhibitors may hold staff-only meetings during AAOS educational sessions.
  • AAOS must approve all meetings and events held during the Annual Meeting including events at alternate hotels or off-site locations. AAOS will not approve meeting space requests to any company that is not an official AAOS 2025 Annual Meeting Exhibitor.

    Request Process:

    1. Submit Exhibitor Meeting & Event Request Form by Dec. 12
    2. Upon approval, AAOS will send a confirmation email with a list of venues and resources to book your event. If your event includes attendees and is deemed an Education/Satellite event, an invoice will be provided as well (refer Education/Satellite event section for details).
    3. All approved exhibitors must contract event space and finalize all arrangements directly with the venue. Any penalty incurred between the exhibitor and the venue is the responsibility of the exhibitor. It is understood that AAOS accepts no responsibility for the event(s).

    After the meeting/event space is booked with the venue, complete the Exhibitor Event Details form.

  • Social Events

    Receptions, dinners, and other events involving attendees without educational programming or formal presentations on a company’s product or services are considered social events. If a social event is held in conjunction with an educational event, the event would be considered an educational event. Social events may not conflict or overlap with the AAOS educational programming.

    Company and Staff Events

    Events that only include staff of the exhibiting company. There are no restrictions on the date and time for these events; however, these events require approval from AAOS. These meetings cannot include AAOS attendees unless the individual is an employee of the company.

    Satellite Symposia

    Satellite Symposia are events that include presentations, speakers, equipment demonstrations, procedural instruction, or focus groups. Only companies exhibiting at the AAOS meeting are eligible to host an educational event/satellite symposia for AAOS attendees. Third-party organizers must be designated by the exhibitor. These events may not conflict with AAOS scientific programming. AAOS charges a non-refundable fee to exhibitors holding educational functions, which includes access to AAOS attendees.

    $5,000 -- 1 to 3 events with a total attendance of 150 attendees or less per event

    $7,500 -- 1 to 3 events with a total attendance of 151 attendees or more per event

    The fee includes:

    • Approval of up to three (3) events
    • Listings appear with AAOS education in the Annual Meeting app and on the Program Planner web page 

    Disclaimer: The AAOS is not responsible for unsatisfactory attendance and/or marketing of the Educational Events/Satellite Symposia. It is the responsibility of the symposium organizer to market this event. Advance marketing is critical to attracting the appropriate audience. For marketing suggestions, refer to our Promotional Opportunities.

    Surgeon Engagement Opportunities

    Maximize your impact at the AAOS meeting by engaging surgeons through one of three dynamic presentation formats. Opt for Bioskills Workshops to provide hands-on experiences with your products, Industry Lunch & Learn Sessions for focused, in-depth presentations in a classroom setting, or Innovation Theater Sessions to showcase your latest innovations. For detailed information on each format or to apply, visit the Surgeon Engagement Opportunities webpage.

    Hospitality Suites

    Hospitality suites are only available to companies that exhibit at the AAOS 2025 Annual Meeting. Requests for hospitality suites should be made through the AAOS Housing Bureau when sleeping room requests are made or at aaos@onpeak.com. Availability is based on hotel demand and current occupancy factors. Hospitality functions cannot conflict with AAOS scientific programming. 

    Exhibitor Suites

    A limited number of Exhibitor Suites are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the convention center. Located on the exhibit floor, suites are open during exhibit hours and are only available to exhibiting companies. The cost of an Exhibitor Suite is $4,500 per 10'x10'. Information for securing an Exhibitor Suite will be available on Aug. 22

    • Non-Endorsement Policy: The AAOS does not endorse any exhibitor events, nor are they considered part of the official program.
    • Social Events: AAOS does not publish social events and/or company/staff meetings in the Annual Meeting Mobile App or on the Program Planner website.
    • Publicity and Advertising: All promotional content related to the AAOS Annual Meeting, including announcements, invitations, emails, websites, advertisements, and flyers, must receive prior approval from AAOS. Submissions for approval should be submitted via the Advertising Approval Request. While AAOS will make every effort to grant these approvals in a timely fashion, please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for approval. Failure to abide by the Publicity and Advertising Regulations will result in the loss of priority points or other action deemed appropriate by AAOS.
    • CME Accreditation: AAOS does not provide CME accreditation for exhibitor educational events. Exhibitors wishing to offer CME credit for their education event will need to obtain credit from other accredited CME providers.
    • Convention Center Meeting Space:: Due to limited available space, AAOS cannot provide space at the San Diego Convention Center. A limited number of exhibitor suites will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the exhibit floor. 
    • Signage: Signage is permitted only at the entrance of rooms, with dimensions not exceeding 28” x 44”.

For questions or further assistance, please contact Erin Cannon at cannon@aaos.org.