Attendee List

Many attendees plan ahead to decide which exhibitors they will visit at the meeting. Promote your presence to them before they make this decision with the AAOS 2025 Attendee List.

The Attendee List includes each attendee's name, title, and address, as well as their hospital affiliation and specialty area(s) if supplied by the attendee. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are not included. To comply with GDPR regulations, registrants from the EU are also not included.

Advance Registration lists (available for fulfillment January 9, 2025):

  • Full List:  $1,800
  • Per Specialty Area:  $400/$700

Post-Meeting Attendee lists (available for fulfillment March 27, 2025):

  • Full List:  $2,100
  • Per Specialty Area:  $500/$800

Estimates of list sizes will be provided in early-December.

Attendee List Tips:

  • All advertising copy must be approved by AAOS and comply with the Publicity & Advertising Guidelines
  • The best time to send a pre-meeting mailing to attendees is approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the meeting date.
  • Attendee Lists are permitted for a one-time use only. Duplication, transfer or reproduction of the AAOS 2025 attendee lists, or information thereon, in any form whatsoever is a violation and will result in the loss of priority points as described on page 14 of the Exhibit Prospectus.

Questions?  Contact for more details.