2018 Attendee Registration

I am a Member:

    - Members: Pay annual dues* and enjoy the benefits of membership.                  
- Members: Have a Member ID/password (can be reset if you have forgotten.)

* You must be in good standing and up to date with dues to register for the meeting.    

To mail or fax please use the Manual Registration Form.

I am a Non-Member:

Returning Non-Members:

- Have previously attended our Annual Meeting.
- Have a Member ID/password.
  (can be reset if you have forgotten.)
- Will pay Non-Member fees to attend the Annual Meeting.

First Time Non-Members:

- Need to request approval to attend the Annual Meeting as a     Non-Member of the Academy.

  Please complete the request form for Academy review. If    approved, you will receive an email within two business days    with your account information needed for registration. 

Industry Attendee Registration

If you are a representative from a non-exhibiting commercial company, please go to the Industry Attendee Registration page for more information on registering for the Annual Meeting.