Published 10/19/2023

FACT SHEET: As AAOS Sees Record Growth in Fracture & Trauma Registry Data Submissions, Technology Partnership Offering with PatientIQ Expands to Include Nationwide Registry Participation Options

ROSEMONT, Ill. (October 19, 2023)—On the heels of a successful technology pilot program with PatientIQ, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has seen a rapid increase in data submissions to the Fracture & Trauma Registry (FTR). Through the submission and analysis of data to the FTR, healthcare systems and orthopaedic surgeons can actively utilize the knowledge gained to improve outcomes and the quality of orthopaedic care in turn supporting highly informed decision-making and quality improvement.

AAOS partnered with PatientIQ in December 2022 to integrate its cloud-based platform directly with FTR participants’ electronic health records (EHR) and simplify the process to collect and submit registry data for five of the more common fractures in the U.S. Within the first eight months, the partnership yielded a substantial increase in data submitted to the FTR. By expanding the participation options to include the PatientIQ solution, the FTR is reducing barriers to tracking evidence-based practices and advancing the delivery of musculoskeletal care. To date, there are 35 participating sites contributing to the FTR.

“Due to the complexity of having five modules in one registry, we recognized potential data challenges for some sites. We collaborated with PatientIQ to help mitigate the burden and enhance data submission. Consequently, data within the registry has increased significantly and is helping fuel new momentum within the registry.”

—Michael J. Gardner, MD, FAAOS, chair of the AAOS Fracture & Trauma Registry Steering Committee

Automating Registry Participation Within a Matter of Weeks
Utilizing FHIR-based APIs and other live integration functionality, PatientIQ can help extract and translate critical health information into registry-compliant specifications and submit it on behalf of participating orthopaedic surgeons. In doing so, the platform eases the administrative and technological burden associated with submitting procedural, post operative and patient-reported outcomes to the FTR. 

  • Click here to watch a webinardiscussing one customer’s journey with the FTR Powered by PatientIQ.

 Hospital sites, ambulatory service centers or institutions where fracture and trauma-related incidents are treated are invited to participate in the FTR. Enrollment through PatientIQ is encouraged, but optional. To get involved with the FTR, email an AAOS Registry engagement associate at, call 847-292-0530, or click here. For more information about PatientIQ, visit

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About The Fracture & Trauma Registry
The FTR is the fifth in a series of anatomical, evidence-based registries that are part of the AAOS' Registry Program, each designed to utilize data for making critical clinical and resource-related decisions to improve quality of care for patients. Its modules collect data on ankle fractures, distal femur fractures, distal radius fractures, hip fractures and proximal humerus fractures. 

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