Corporate Allies Program for Industry Partners

Is orthopaedics a growth area for your company?  Are you launching new products impacting musculoskeletal patients?

Are you interested in expanding your network with orthopaedic thought and opinion leaders?

Are you looking to do a deeper dive with key leaders on issues impacting your orthopaedics area that need to be brought to the Academy's attention?

The AAOS Corporate Allies Program is your gateway to collaboration and innovation in the field of orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal health. Our program offers a dynamic, bilateral relationship with the AAOS that provides exclusive insights into the expansive world of orthopaedics. Together, we'll shape the future of musculoskeletal health, driving progress and impacting lives.

The AAOS would like to thank our current Corporate Allies Partners

Yearly membership in the Corporate Allies program includes the following:

Program Benefits

  • Recognition in/on AAOS website and various AAOS publications and at AAOS Annual Meeting.
  • Invitation-only Roundtable discussions led by our surgeon volunteers, focused on the current state of orthopaedics, macro-level challenges or opportunities, updates from AAOS departments and board meetings.

Advocacy Benefits

  • Quarterly coffees with AAOS Office of Government Relations (OGR) Senior Leadership (Regulatory, Legislative, and Political).
  • Annual site visit by AAOS CEO and/or other AAOS leadership (may be virtual depending on status of public health concerns).
  • Presence at the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference (NOLC), AAOS’ annual advocacy conference.
  • Dedicated staff liaison to AAOS’ OGR.

Quality Benefits

  • In-person meetings with AAOS Clinical Quality and Value Senior Leadership and AAOS Leadership.
  • Invitation-only AAOS events, including an annual Orthobiologics Symposium, corporate events at the AAOS Annual Meeting, and periodic Quality Roundtables. Past roundtables have included discussions on the status of the AAOS’ quality offerings, opportunities to support industry’s EU MDR compliance needs and other pressing topics.
  • Appropriate input on the development of quality improvement content, including Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), Appropriate Use Criteria (AUCs), and other evidence-based quality offerings.
  • Dedicated Quality Department liaison on AAOS staff.

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