OrthoInfo Licensing Opportunities

Exclusive opportunities are available to align OrthoInfo content with your organization's brand identity. More than 3.4 million users visit orthoinfo.org, the Academy’s patient education website, each month in search of reliable musculoskeletal health information for themselves or loved ones.

For an annual fee, licensing gives your company the opportunity to:

Host OrthoInfo Articles Directly on Your Website(s)

Build individual article pages and/or upload PDF versions of the articles. Publishing OrthoInfo content on your website can help with SEO, drive traffic to your site, and increase new patient acquisitions. The content can be further leveraged by third-party services like Google Ads, and you can promote it via press releases and your social media channels.

Co-brand OrthoInfo Articles

Add your practice or organization’s logo to articles and distribute them to patients as printed handouts, by attaching to emails or texts, or by uploading into a patient portal. Co-branding visually connects your organization to AAOS, the trusted leader in advancing musculoskeletal health.

AAOS tailors each partnership to meet the organization’s patient education needs and budget — whether that means licensing articles related to specific conditions and procedures, the entire library, or anywhere in-between. There are also discounts available for multi-year partnerships.

If you are interested in pursuing a licensing agreement, please fill out the form below.

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