Diversity Advisory Board

Fostering diversity is one of the Academy's nine strategic goals designed to advance its mission of serving the profession, championing the interests of patients, and advancing the highest quality musculoskeletal health. To achieve this goal, the AAOS will work to:

  • understand and respond to the diversity of the patient population,
  • promote the delivery of culturally competent care, and
  • support efforts to diversify the profession and the orthopaedic work force

To deliver on these promises, the AAOS Diversity Advisory Board has been established to integrate the values of diversity throughout the Academy's activities, initiatives, and membership.

Mission: To educate our fellows on the impact of diversity and culturally competent care in their practice and society (and to promote the growth of diversity among orthopaedic surgeons).

Vision: Achieve excellence in musculoskeletal healthcare delivery through culturally competent care and a diverse orthopaedic profession.