Opinions on Ethics & Professionalism

An AAOS Opinion on Ethics and Professionalism is an official AAOS statement dealing with an ethical issue, which offers aspirational advice on how an orthopaedic surgeon can best deal with a particular situation or circumstance. Developed through a consensus process by the AAOS Committee on Ethics and Outside Interests. is not a product of a systematic review. An AAOS Opinion on Ethics and Professionalism is adopted by a two-thirds vote of the AAOS Board of Directors present and voting.


Active Statements 

Second or Additional Medical Opinions in Orthopaedic Surgery                                 No. 1200 
Sexual Harassment and Exploitation (Revised July 2018) No. 1201
Ethics in Health Research in Orthopaedic Surgery No. 1202
Continuing Medical Education No. 1203
The Orthopaedic Surgeon's Relationship with Industry No. 1204
Advertising by Orthopaedic Surgeons No. 1205 
Sexual Misconduct in the Physician-Patient Relationship No. 1208
Medical and Surgical Patents No. 1209 
Care and Treatment of the Medically Underserved No. 1210 

Retired Statements 

The Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Managed Care Setting  No. 1206