Guiding Principles for AAOS Elections

The Board of Directors of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) adopts these Guiding Principles to ensure the fair conduct of any AAOS elections.

  • AAOS Fellows are encouraged to participate in the election process by evaluating the qualifications of the nominee/candidate(s) independently to determine who is best qualified to help lead the AAOS. Fellows are to vote for their preferred candidate/nominee.
  • Electioneering practices designed to affect the outcome of AAOS elections are prohibited without the prior authorization of the Board of Directors. These practices include the use of any AAOS publication, product, e-mail listserv, or other AAOS printed or electronic communications. Campaign memorabilia, such as buttons, pins and stickers, displays of campaign posters, signs, and literature in support or against a candidate/nominee in public areas during any official AAOS function, are officially discouraged.
  • Candidates and nominees for elected positions within the AAOS should comply with the intent and spirit of these Guiding Principles, and encourage their supporters to do same.
  • The AAOS Board of Directors shall provide oversight of all AAOS elections to ensure that AAOS members are provided balanced and accurate information so as to make an informed choice and encourage participation in the voting process.

The AAOS Board of Directors shall develop and implement policies encouraging voluntary compliance, and when necessary, shall take appropriate steps to prevent behaviors and practices inconsistent with these Guiding Principles. Any determination regarding these behaviors and practices by the Board of Directors shall be considered final.


Adopted: June 20, 2009