Once adopted, an AAOS resolution becomes the official policy of the AAOS.  A proposed AAOS resolution may be submitted by individual Fellows (at least 20), the board of directors of a State Orthopaedic Society, the board of directors of an Orthopaedic Specialty Society, the AAOS Board of Councilors, the AAOS Board of Specialty Societies or the AAOS Board of Directors. 

Along with individual Fellows, the Board of Councilors, Board of Specialty Societies and Board of Directors review each proposed AAOS resolution.  At the Annual Meeting, the AAOS Resolutions Committee conducts an Open Hearing on each proposed AAOS resolution and develops a recommendation to the Fellowship that it be adopted, modified, or rejected.

After the Annual Meeting, AAOS sends a ballot and background information regarding the proposed AAOS resolutions to all Active, Inactive, and Emeritus Fellows.  To be adopted, at least five percent of these individuals must vote, and of those voting, at least fifty percent must vote in favor of the proposed resolution for it to be adopted as AAOS policy.

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