Achievement Award Program

How to Participate in this Program

Documentation of activities is the key to the program. Members' volunteer activity since 2005 has been recorded by AAOS from its database of management information. In addition, there is an opportunity to submit non-AAOS volunteer activities since 2005. If you have any questions about submitting your non-AAOS activities or need more information about this program, please contact Governance at

Categories of service: Members may claim one credit per year for their AAOS and non-AAOS volunteer activities in each of the three following areas (maximum of three credits per year if you have volunteered in each of the areas):

  1. Teaching: in AAOS, Specialty, State and Regional Societies and other national medical organizations; including instructional courses as moderators or presenters, CME courses as chairs, presenters, lab instructors or moderators; scientific paper sessions as presenters, co-authors, discussants or moderators; and symposia as moderators or presenters.
  2. Publications and Research: authoring, editing or reviewing publications for AAOS, Specialty, State and Regional Societies and other national medical organizations; participating in peer-reviewed orthopaedic journals as unpaid editor, author or reviewer; conducting original research for AAOS, Specialty, State and Regional Societies and other national medical organizations.
  3. Service and Advocacy: this category would include participation on Boards of Directors, councils; committees, sub-committees project team members, Board of Councilors, Board of Specialty Societies, Leadership Fellows and mentors, Specialty Society boards and committees, State Society boards and committees, and Regional Society boards and committees, and on other national medical organizations boards and committees.

The Achievement Awards Program will recognize activities from 2005 through the current year. Fellows may receive a maximum of three credits per year for participation, with one credit allowed in each of the three categories. You must submit non-AAOS activities on an annual basis. A reminder to do so will be sent to you each year.

Awards Criteria

Criteria for award recognition will be as follows:

  • Achievement Award will recognize 10 or more credits.
  • Senior Achievement Award will recognize 30 or more credits.
  • Lifetime Achievement Honor Award will be given for 60 or more credits, plus letters of support from three members.

Members will progress through the levels of recognition over a period of time, and the program will recognize people at higher levels for long-term commitments to orthopaedics. A credit may be claimed for each of the areas each year, but multiple activities in each area will count for only one credit in that area.


Level 1 - Achievement Award:
  Requires 10 credits, three possible credits per year.
Level 2 - Senior Achievement Award:
  Requires 30 credits; will require at least 10 years of service to the profession of orthopaedic surgery.
Level 3 - Lifetime Achievement Honor Award:
  Requires 60 credits and letters of support from at least three members of the AAOS; this level of recognition requires at least 20 years of volunteer service.


Lifetime Achievement Honor Award recipients will be recognized on the AAOS website and all awards recipients will be named in the Annual Meeting edition of AAOS Now. On the attainment of each level you will receive a congratulatory letter from the AAOS President and a certificate and ribbon noting your achievement level.

The AAOS and the Specialty, State and Regional orthopaedic societies endure and thrive through the dedication of their member volunteers. This program not only honors those who currently volunteer their time and energy to the AAOS and the entire orthopaedic community but also encourages younger members to become involved in these activities as well.

Thank you for all you do for orthopaedics and for your participation in this program!

To submit your non-AAOS activities complete this form.