Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award recognizes AAOS Active Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, and International members who have distinguished themselves through outstanding musculoskeletal-related humanitarian activities in the United States or abroad.

This award is presented each year at the AAOS Annual Meeting. Recipients receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Candidates for the award will be evaluated for activities that include:

  • Give of himself or herself regardless of compensation
  • Provide services without expectation of remuneration
  • Provide services to all equally, impartially, cooperatively and neutrally
  • Embrace common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, freedom, justice, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility and compassion
  • Respect and embrace human diversity
  • Improve the lives of those in need through selfless, courageous, creative, and compassionate acts
  • Efforts to bring healthcare access to the underserved (also include humanitarian efforts organization if applicable)
  • Measurable and/or tangible impact of humanitarian activities by candidate
  • Number of patients/people impacted by candidate’s humanitarian activities

Who is Eligible?

  • Must be an AAOS Fellow, Emeritus Member or International member who has distinguished himself or herself through outstanding musculoskeletal-related humanitarian activities in the United States or abroad
  • Cannot have served on the Communications Cabinet within the three years prior to the award year
  • Must have demonstrated an exemplary and outstanding commitment to musculoskeletal-focused humanitarian activities, either domestically or abroad
  • Only one nominee may be nominated (not a joint nomination)

Who May Nominate/Sponsor?

  • Cannot be a member of the Board of Directors or the AAOS Awards Committee
  • Must be an AAOS member; Resident members are eligible to nominate candidates, as well

2025 nomination period will open later this year.

AAOS Awards Policy

Duane R. Anderson, MD, FAAOS, Receives 2024 Humanitarian Award

The AAOS presented its 2024 Humanitarian Award to Duane R. Anderson, MD, FAAOS, for his commitment to improving healthcare access for the underserved population in Ethiopia as well as his dedication to training future orthopaedic surgeons.

“I can’t think of anyone who is more selfless, more giving, courageous, creative, and someone who is helping to train the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons in Ethiopia than Dr. Duane Anderson,” said Michael P. Leathers, MD, FAAOS, orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician from Sacramento, Calif.

Learn more about Dr. Anderson and the 2024 Humanitarian Award.

Previous AAOS Humanitarian Award Winners

Mark S. Myerson, MD, FAAOS 
2023 Humanitarian Award Winner

Keith S. Feder, MD, FAAOS 
2022 Humanitarian Award Winner

David M. Atkin, MD, FAAOS
2021 Humanitarian Award Winner

Steven J. Meyer, MD
2020 Humanitarian Award Winner

Sameer Attar, MD, FAAOS
2019 Humanitarian Award Winner

Rick D. Wilkerson, MD, FAAOS
2018 Humanitarian Award Winner

David A. Spiegel, MD, FAAOS
2017 Humanitarian Award Winner