Board of Specialty Societies (BOS)

Overall Purpose/Mission

The purpose of the BOS is to facilitate communications between musculoskeletal specialty societies and the AAOS and among such societies; advise the AAOS Board of Directors regarding issues of concern of musculoskeletal specialty societies and their members; comment on AAOS resolutions and proposed amendments to the AAOS Bylaws; and foster unity and collaborative initiatives.


1. Align all activities to support execution and achievement of the mission, vision, goals, strategic objectives and metrics of the Strategic Plan and conduct all business in accordance with the Core Values as adopted by the Board of Directors.

2. Act consistent with Article X of the Academy Bylaws and Article XV of the Association Bylaws.

3. Advise the AAOS Board of Directors regarding matters of importance to orthopaedic specialty societies and their members.

4. Provide a forum to exchange ideas, information, and concerns; serve as sounding board for various AAOS initiatives.

5. As determined by its officers, develop recommendations on AAOS resolutions, proposed amendments to the AAOS bylaws and Standards of Professionalism.

6. Assist in the implementation of AAOS policies and initiatives within the orthopaedic specialty societies.

7. Promote cooperation, unity and relationships between AAOS and the orthopaedic specialty societies.

8. Support communications and collaborative program development for AAOS councils and cabinets.


Reporting Relationship

Reports to the AAOS Board of Directors




Each BOS member organization may have three (3) representatives:

  • 3 Year Representative shall be an AAOS Fellow or Associate;
  • 1 Year Representative must be an an AAOS Fellow or Associate, who shall be a society board member or liaison to the society’s board; and  
  • Society’s Executive Director (ED).

Chair (elected by BOS)
Chair-Elect (elected by BOS)
Secretary (elected by BOS)
Past Chair


Term of Office

Term begins at the end of the AAOS Annual Meeting.  The 3 and 1 Year Representatives are selected by their respective specialty societies. The 1 Year Representative shall serve a one-year (1) term. The society may reappoint the individual for two (2) additional one-year terms.  The 3 Year Representative shall serve one (1) three-year (3) term and the society may reappoint the individual for one (1) additional three-year term.
The society’s Executive Director (ED) shall serve as a representative during his/her tenure as the society’s lead staff member.


Staff Liaison (title)

Director, Department of Governance 


Last updated: 7/19/19