BOS Nominating Committee

Committee Charges

The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Immediate Past Chair, and shall be comprised of four additional BOS representatives who are not officers and the chair of the prior year’s BOS Nominating Committee. The past Nominating Committee Chair shall participate, though shall not vote. The four members shall be nominated and elected through electronic means. The Nominating Committee members shall be announced at the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference. No member may serve two consecutive terms on the Nominating Committee.

  1. The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting at least one nominee for Chair-Elect and at least one nominee for Secretary.  
  2. The Committee Chair shall present the candidates for the positions of Chair-Elect and Secretary during the BOS business meeting at the AAOS Fall Meeting. The officers shall be selected by a majority vote of the BOS member organizations present.  
  3. The Committee shall follow the processes outlined in the BOS Operations Manual, with regards to the identification and recommendation of candidates, which shall include interviewing the candidates and considering their enhanced disclosure information and Plans for Active Management (PAMs) as developed by the AAOS Committee on Outside Interests and whether the PAMs have been accepted by the candidates. The Nominating Committee shall exercise due diligence and transparency throughout the nomination selection process.