Patient Education Committee

Overall Purpose/Mission

Plan, organize, and oversee patient and public education activities. Responsible for providing direction to the Council on Education in the area of patient/public education.



1. Align all activities to support execution and achievement of the mission, vision, goals, strategic objectives and metrics of the Strategic Plan and conduct all business in accordance with the Core Values as adopted by the Board of Directors.

2. Assess all current Academy educational materials aimed at patients, in print and online.

3. Conceive an overall program for patient education for the AAOS.

4. Construct a process for the development of new materials to supplement the existing program, and to replace outmoded materials, focusing on online, print and lecture material.

5. Provide input to the editors and editorial boards of OrthoInfo and OKOJ regarding communication with the public and patients.

6. Evaluate the Academy's patient education program, in terms of satisfaction on the part of recipients as well as quantity and quality of programs delivered; report these findings to the Council on Education at least every two years.


Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Council on Education




Six (6) Members (one is a lay member and one member delegated as liaison to Publications Committee)

Associate Editor, OrthoInfo

One (1) Resident


Term of Office

For chair, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

For members, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

For residents, two (2) years; not eligible for additional reappointment as a resident.


Staff Liaison (title)

Manager, Education Programs


Last updated: 9/24/11