International Committee

Overall Purpose/Mission

Foster knowledge exchange between US and international surgeons to promote the highest quality of musculoskeletal care. Oversee, organize, and institute international activities of the Academy in alignment with the AAOS strategic plan to promote AAOS as a global leader. In serving our members, provide AAOS governance units and membership with expertise on trends and needs in global orthopaedics.


  1. Align all activities to support execution and achievement of the mission, vision, goals, strategic objectives and metrics of the Strategic Plan and conduct all business in accordance with the Core Values as adopted by the Board of Directors.
  2. Create portfolio of fiscally responsible education programs in collaboration with international groups to serve the profession and support strategic objectives.
  3. Increase international participation, contribution, and satisfaction with Annual Meeting to enhance the Annual Meeting’s reputation as a premier global meeting.4. In collaboration with the Membership Committee, drive increases in international membership in AAOS and raise awareness of the value of the AAOS to international surgeons. Represent the voice of the international customer throughout the organization.
  4. Foster relationships with international orthopaedic societies to understand global orthopaedic trends and identify areas of collaboration for mutual benefit. Oversee periodic needs assessments with these groups and disseminate results to appropriate governance groups to inform activities.
  5. Position AAOS as a partner of choice for global key opinion leaders to ensure AAOS is at the forefront of orthopaedic innovation. Advise governance units on inclusion of global experts in development of content for benefit of the membership.
  6. Among the US membership, help raise awareness of the value of expanded international initiatives to the health of the organization and improvements in musculoskeletal care worldwide.


Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Membership Council



Chair (Liaison to Membership Council)

Seven (7) Fellow members

Two (2) International Members


Term of Office

For chair, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term

For Fellow members, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.

For International Members, two (2) years; eligible for one (1) additional two (2) year term.


Last updated:  2/19/20