Technology Assessment Project Team

Overall Purpose/Mission

Based on member input and a thorough analysis of the issues, make recommendations as to the role of the Academy in the areas of technology assessment.


    1. Comply with the Strategic Plan as adopted by the Board of Directors, and ensure that the organization-wide goals of unity and diversity are considered in all activities.

    2. Determine if it is feasible and practical for the AAOS to participate in technology assessment.

    3. Develop evidence-based methods to assess new orthopaedic technologies.

    4. Using these evidence-based methods, develop recommendations for the use of new orthopaedic technologies.

    5. Publicize these recommendations to AAOS members, payers, and policy makers.

Reporting Relationship

Council on Research, Quality Assessment, and Technology



Nine (9) members

OTA Representative

AOSSM Representative

Spine representative

Term of Office

Two (2) years, or until the project team's work is finished. Eligible for reappointment.

Staff Liaison (title)

Director, Department of Research and Scientific Affairs

Last updated:05/31/06