BOC Committee on Economic Issues

Committee Charges

  • Assist the AAOS to become an economic advocate for the orthopaedist and to distribute this economic information to the members of the AAOS.
  • Educate the committee and membership as needed with historical, current, and futuristic presentations and discussions.
  • Discuss ways to ensure preservation of the practice of orthopaedics and preserve the physician patient relationship.
  • Prioritize the economic issues facing orthopaedic surgeons and utilize available actions to the committee to educate and support both advisory opinions and resolutions.
  • Communicate with the other committees of BOC as needed to help advance advocacy of economic issues for orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Communicate with the Health Care Systems Committee of the AAOS to help coordinate efforts and avoid duplications.
  • Enable the AAOS to move forward as an advocate to strengthen orthopaedic practices and in turn strengthen the AAOS.