Governance Committee

Overall Purpose / Mission

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to assist, support and advise the Board of Directors in exercising its governance obligations and in the related development and implementation of governance documents, structures and procedures.


  1. Align all activities to support execution and achievement of the mission, vision, goals, strategic objectives and metrics of the Strategic Plan and conduct all business in accordance with the Core Values as adopted by the Board of Directors.
  2. Develop and recommend an implementation plan for AAOS Governance Principles.
  3. Ensure all governance documents, structures and procedures are evaluated to support and align with the AAOS Strategic Plan and promote optimal, efficient AAOS governance.
  4. Promote and support good governance by communicating and enhancing awareness of and developing education about the AAOS Governance Principles and related efforts at the Board level and throughout the committee and leadership structures.
  5. Annually provide to the Board a governance review and update based on strategic needs, environmental assessment and best practices to ensure that Academy governance documents and structures support optimal governance.


Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Board of Directors



Three Members-at-Large (preference of one member in early to mid-career when possible to enhance diversity of the committee) 

Two AAOS Past Presidents

AAOS Lay Board Member


Chair – Two-year term, eligible for a two-year reappointment.

Members – Two-year term, eligible for a two-year reappointment.


Staff Liaison

Director, Governance

Approved: 7/5/2023