How to Apply for CAP Positions

Message from Annunziato (Ned) Amendola, MD, FAAOS, Chair, Committee Appointment Program Committee and First Vice-President

The leadership of the AAOS encourages and relies on our members to apply for a volunteer position on one of the many AAOS councils, committees, and advisory boards. It is our goal to have as many of our members involved in our governance structure as possible. We would also welcome any members who have not been previously involved. Our goal is to facilitate broad participation across members from diverse backgrounds in terms of age, race, gender, geography, and practice setting, as well as match members with the appropriate position based on their experience and expertise. The goal of this article is to assist you in deciding which position(s) to apply for.

First, the most important factor is to apply for a position in your area(s) of interest and experience. This will help us capitalize on your unique expertise and allow you to contribute to the committee’s activities at a high level, but it will also allow your energy and enthusiasm to be best utilized. It is helpful, but not mandatory, that your experience and expertise be consistent with the position of interest.

Second, if this is the first time that you are applying for a position and you are early in your career, we would suggest that you consider applying for an opening on an evaluation committee reporting to the Education Assessments and Examinations Committee. These committees are involved in preparing our examinations, including the OITE, Self-Assessment Exams, etc. You may also want to consider applying for committees reporting to the Central Program Committee and Central Instructional Courses Committee.

Third, if you are interested in a position as a committee chair, it will be important to have had previously served on that committee or on a committee in a related area. This experience and expertise will prepare you to assume a more important leadership position.

Fourth, the positions on a council are predominantly filled by individuals who have previously and successfully served on committees within that respective council.

Fifth, candidates for council chair positions are interviewed by the Presidential Line and consideration is given to members who have been active on the committees or workgroups that are part of the council.

Sixth, when you apply for a position, we suggest that you consider contacting the current chair of that particular governance unit so he or she will be aware of your interest and expertise. E-mail is generally the best initial method of contacting these individuals.

Seventh, when reviewing vacancy postings in the CAP System, please note the time commitment involved for service on the committee. Please note both the actual commitment in the form of meetings, conference calls, and reading/preparation as well as the length of the term (2 years, 3 years, etc.). It is essential for committee members to commit the time necessary to fulfill their roles as a committee, council, or advisory group member.

Lastly, AAOS committee service is generally limited to one committee at a time, but there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are currently serving on a committee, you may not be eligible for a new committee appointment based on your current term of service. If you are unsure of your eligibility, check the Committee Appointment Regulations and Procedures on the CAP website, or e-mail Yasseline Knoke.

In summary, we strongly encourage all of our members who have an interest in contributing to the mission and vision of AAOS to apply for roles on our governance units, and the goal of the CAP Committee is to appoint the most qualified, diverse and committed members for these position as well as involving as many new members as possible. We frequently have many more qualified applicants than available positions for most assignments, so we encourage you to reapply if you do not receive an appointment with your first application.

As Chair of the Committee Appointment Program Committee this year, I would be happy to hear from you if have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about service to the AAOS. Thank you very much for your interest in AAOS activities and willingness to consider volunteer service. My email is


Annunziato (Ned) Amendola, MD, FAAOS