Leadership Update: Humanitarian Aid in Response to Conflict in the Middle East

October 13, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of everyone at the AAOS, we are reaching out to express our sorrow for the suffering inflicted on the thousands of people affected by the recent acts of terrorism in the Middle East. We know that many of our members and their families have been personally or indirectly impacted by this tragedy.

The AAOS strongly condemns acts of terrorism perpetrated on innocent civilians, including defenseless children, and we hope for the safe return of the hostages who have been taken from their loved ones.

We all have been deeply moved by the images of brutality and profound suffering experienced by the individuals caught in the midst of this appalling situation and these images only serve to underscore the need for urgent humanitarian support in the region.  

In difficult and uncertain times like these, we believe that it is essential to stand together in solidarity.  As an organization comprised of caring physicians and musculoskeletal care teams dedicated to preserving and improving human life, it is our duty to respond with compassion, empathy, and support.  

We urge AAOS Members who are interested to reach out to the humanitarian organizations that are tirelessly working to provide aid and relief amid such a terrible tragedy that has led to unnecessary and unthinkable human suffering. These organizations play a key role in offering hope amid the darkness that has enveloped so many lives. The AAOS has assembled a preliminary list of resources for your review and consideration.

Let us never forget the values that bind us as orthopaedic health care professionals, and let our actions reflect the respect for human dignity that defines our profession. We stand with and support those who have been impacted by this horrific tragedy and hope for a peaceful and swift resolution to this conflict.  

With heartfelt compassion,  

Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, FACS, FAAOS, FAOA
President, AAOS

Coleen S. Sabatini, MD, MPH, FAAOS
Chair, AAOS International Committee