Leadership Update: Tragedy in Tulsa

June 2, 2022

Dear AAOS Colleagues,

We, united as orthopaedic surgeons, find ourselves coming to terms with a senseless act of violence and unbearable loss in our family and community. There is no justification for the tragic events that took place on Wednesday, June 1, at the Natalie Medical Building on the St. Francis Hospital campus in Tulsa, Okla. A physician’s office SHOULD BE a safe haven for doctors and patients alike, and we must do all we can to prevent these tragedies now and in the future.

As details unfold, we are heartbroken to learn of the death of our friend and colleague Preston J. Phillips, MD, FAAOS, along with his colleague, Stephanie Husen, DO, administrative staff member Amanda Glenn and patient William Love. We offer condolences to their families, patients, hospital staff and the entire Tulsa community. What’s more, we remain steadfast to helping ensure our practices and orthopaedic healthcare centers remain places of comfort, healing and learning. Workplace violence is unfathomable, unacceptable and must be stopped.

As the trusted leaders in advancing musculoskeletal health, we stand with our members and our communities as we grieve over this terrible tragedy.

Felix H. “Buddy” Savoie III, MD, FAAOS
AAOS President