Presidential Update: Condemning the Attack On the U.S. Capitol

January 12, 2021

Fellow AAOS Members:

The AAOS condemns last Wednesday’s attack on our country’s hallowed democratic institutions and processes. As physicians, our ethics require us to stay above partisan politics and to act in our patients’ best interests. However, the attack on the Capitol and our Democracy transcends politics and cannot be ignored. Many of you have reached out to AAOS leadership with questions and concerns regarding the nonpartisan Political Action Committee of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (OrthoPAC).

Prior to last week, we were in the midst of evolving our PAC to become more inclusive and politically diverse in its composition and in those candidates it supports. As a result of the hateful and unforgivable attack on our Capitol, we have suspended all political contributions to allow us time to evaluate our PAC strategy going forward. The PAC Executive Committee is meeting within the week to review our criteria for political giving, which has always supported candidates for federal office who align with orthopaedic issues.

There is no doubt that our PAC has been highly effective in advocating on behalf of our patients and our profession. But like any highly successful enterprise, we must continuously evolve to maintain our effectiveness and safeguard our values. I remain confident that in the end, our PAC will emerge stronger and even more effective.

Thank you for your dedication to the AAOS and to your patients during these uncertain times.

Joseph A. Bosco III, MD, FAAOS
AAOS President