Antonia Chen, MD, FAAOS

Why did you volunteer to be on the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) Steering Committee and Research Projects Subcommittee?

The data from AJRR is powerful, and one great way to disseminate this data is through research. Being on the AJRR Steering Committee and Research Projects Subcommittee is a wonderful opportunity to work with a group of dedicated individuals that work to shape the research that utilizes AJRR data. 

What’s one thing you want people to know about the Registry that they may not know?

With regards to AJRR, there are opportunities to conduct research by submitting research proposals, even if you don't have research capabilities where you work. You get to work directly with AJRR analysts that provide analyzed data, and there is even funding available if needed to present the research at conferences.

Why do you love Registry data?

I love registry data because there is power in numbers. Single institution data are great for providing granular information that can lead to small studies, but larger datasets are great for conducting research because one can see trends over time and aggregate data over more surgeons to better determine correlations and potential implant failures. 

What is your practice/hospital/ASC, and how is it using registry data?

I work in an academic institution and we regularly submit AJRR research proposals on topics that cannot be adequately addressed by our own institutions' data.