Miho Tanaka, MD, FAAOS

AAOS Committee(s) or Council(s) you currently volunteer with:

Education Council

How long have you volunteered with AAOS?

3 years

Why did you choose orthopaedics as your specialty?

I decided to pursue a career in orthopaedic surgery, specifically sports medicine, after having a series of injuries as a young athlete. I quickly became fascinated with the mechanics of the human body, the biology of healing, and the science of rehab and functional recovery as it related to sports. I am still often struck by the incredible ability of our bodies to repair and recover from injuries, and I love being able to contribute to this process, both from a clinical and an academic perspective.

Why do you volunteer with AAOS?

Volunteering with the AAOS is a way that I can connect with and give back to a society that supports our collective identity as orthopaedic surgeons. I enjoy being able to represent and voice the needs of my peers in contributing to the direction of current and future AAOS efforts.

What advice would you give an AAOS member who is considering applying for an open volunteer position? 

Volunteering with the AAOS is a great way to work together with others in the orthopaedic community who share your respective interests, and to make important contributions to the function and direction of our society. Your time and efforts can help AAOS continue to understand and meet the needs of its members, so make your voice heard!