Molly Day, MD, ATC

AAOS Committee(s) or Council(s) you currently volunteer with:

Resident Assembly Executive Committee; Resident Assembly Health Policy Committee Chair

Why did you choose orthopaedics as your specialty?

My gravitation toward orthopaedic surgery began with my fascination of the dynamic world around me while growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, where daily chores and responsibilities taught me to use my hands to problem solve, create and repair. I later obtained a degree in athletic training and worked as a certified athletic trainer (ATC), providing me with unique experiences and perspectives while working closely with orthopaedic surgeons to bring patients with severe injuries or disabilities back to full mobility, function, and regain independence to help improve their quality of life. I admired the degree of trust between orthopedic surgeon and patient and the capacity to positively impact patients’ lives. Ultimately, it was these experiences as well as supportive mentors who encouraged and influenced my decision to pursue a career in orthopaedic surgery.

Why do you volunteer with AAOS?

Volunteering with AAOS has allowed me to collaborate with orthopaedic thought leaders from across the country, fostering leadership and communication skills that have been meaningful in my personal and professional growth. The connections I have made through volunteering with AAOS thus far will continue to be invaluable for my future career.

What advice would you give an AAOS member who is considering applying for an open volunteer position?

I would encourage young AAOS members to volunteer due to the platform AAOS provides for a broad range of professional advancement activities though education, mentorship and networking opportunities for residents, fellows and young attending orthopedic surgeons.