Tipton Leadership Award

The Tipton Leadership Award recognizes AAOS Active Fellows or Candidate members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities that have led to benefits for the orthopaedic community, patients and/or the American public.

This award is presented each year at the AAOS Annual Meeting. Recipients receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Candidates for the award will be evaluated for activities that include:

  • A recognized leader among peers
  • Reliability and dedication
  • A commitment to growth and prestige of orthopaedics
  • Significant accomplishments as a leader
  • Values diversity and demonstrates it
  • Fosters a win-win attitude
  • Is an outstanding mentor
  • Is a team player and builder
  • Is committed to bridge building

Who is Eligible?

  • Nominees must be an AAOS Active Fellow or Candidate Member eligible for Fellowship.
  • Nominees must not have served on the Board of Directors, AAOS Awards Committee or former Membership and Leader Development Committee for the last three years.

Who May Nominate/Sponsor?

  • Cannot be a member of the Board of Directors or AAOS Awards Committee
  • Must be an AAOS Member; Resident members are eligible to nominate candidates, as well

2022 Tipton Leadership Nomination Form

AAOS Awards Policy

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, FAAOS, Receives 2021 William W. Tipton, Jr., MD, Leadership Award

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, FAAOS, is the recipient of the 2021 William W. Tipton Jr., MD, Leadership Award, which honors and celebrates the life, accomplishments, and qualities of the late William W. Tipton Jr., MD, an orthopaedic surgeon, educator, and former AAOS chief executive officer.

Dr. Zuckerman was recognized for a life and career dedicated to helping grow the prestige of orthopaedic surgery nationally and internationally.

Dr. Zuckerman has been an active volunteer for AAOS since his first subcommittee appointment in 1986. He described his long and wide-ranging involvement with AAOS, which peaked when he served as president in 2009–2010, as incredibly important in shaping his career and that of many orthopaedic surgeons in the United States and around the world.

In his role as chair at NYU, Dr. Zuckerman oversees a group of almost 200 orthopaedic surgeons and the day-to-day operations of a multifaceted orthopaedic program that provides care at six hospitals, two ambulatory surgery centers, and more than 20 office-based practice locations. Under his leadership, the department has achieved national prominence and ranked among the top 10 institutions in terms of National Institutes of Health funding for basic orthopaedic research.

Throughout his 30-year career as a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and teacher, Dr. Zuckerman has helped train and mentor hundreds of residents. He was named Teacher of the Year five times by residents in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and was awarded the NYU School of Medicine’s Master Educator Award and New York University’s Distinguished Teaching Medal.

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