You are entering webpages belonging to the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, which includes information and resources for Association advocacy efforts and the Political Action Committee of The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (OrthoPAC).

Patient Advocacy Program

Patient care is the cornerstone of AAOS advocacy efforts. It is what drives the daily lives of the orthopaedic surgeons we represent on Capitol Hill, and is the focal point of top healthcare policy issues facing our nation, including prior authorization delays and unfair surprise medical billing just to name a few. 

Hearing patient stories and understanding their personal struggles with burdensome processes and regulation are critical to improving overall care. So the AAOS wants to bring these powerful voices to elected representatives with the ultimate goal of creating meaningful change for the entire musculoskeletal community. 

AAOS surgeon members who want to recommend a patient for the program may contact Cavan Jones at

AAOS Member Recruitment

Orthopaedic surgeon members can help by identifying potential patient participants and encouraging them to submit the Patient Advocacy Intake Form below.

Let us know if you plan to help recruit!

Patient Participation in the Program

If you are the orthopaedic patient of an AAOS member and want to share your experience to support advocacy efforts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out a Patient Advocacy Intake Form to help us understand what issue(s) concern you
  2. Join two AAOS-led webinars per year on various advocacy initiatives
  3. Participate in grassroot alerts, which send letters to members of Congress on timely policy issues
  4. Possibly come to Washington, D.C. to meet in-person with legislators

Release and Disclaimer

I understand that AAOS may photograph and digitally record the images or voices of participants in the Patient Advocacy Program. By participating in the Program, I am authorizing AAOS to so capture my image and voice and I grant AAOS permission to use them in Program materials, including brochures, website, news articles, videos and social media posts that are developed to educate AAOS members, public and federal legislators on patient health advocacy concerns. I have no expectation of being paid for this release and disclaimer and I release AAOS, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates and agents from any liability, loss or damage resulting from my participation in the Program.