Orthopaedic Advocacy Week

In conjunction with AAOS leadership, the Office of Government Relations is hosting an Orthopaedic Advocacy Week from August 1 – 5, 2022. Each day of this week-long, completely virtual event, will utilize a different tactic in AAOS' advocacy strategy toolbox for shaping health care policy and delivering critical messages to lawmakers and regulators on key issues. All AAOS members will receive daily communications throughout the event with related activities and opportunities to advocate for access to the very best orthopaedic care. A tentative schedule of each day is as follows.

Tentative Schedule of Events:

  • Monday, August 1: Amplify Across Social Media
  • Tuesday, August 2: Growing Support with Grassroots
  • Wednesday, August 3: Shaping Policy through Rulemaking
  • Thursday, August 4: The Economic Impact of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Friday, August 5: Get Invested with Orthopaedic PAC

For additional information please reach out to dc@aaos.org