Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge

The Most Comprehensive Resident Study Tool

AAOS Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge Program

The new AAOS Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge (ROCK) program is the only multimedia learning tool that establishes a core knowledge baseline for orthopaedic residency training programs. US-based ACGME-accredited programs are currently enrolled in a free trial period that runs through June 30, 2023.

ROCK and ResStudy Team Up to Form a Comprehensive Path to the OITE

Take advantage of AAOS's special offer! US-based ACGME-accredited programs with an existing or new subscription to ResStudy will receive an extended free trial period for ROCK through June 30, 2024. Programs already enrolled in ResStudy can log into ROCK and get started immediately. New ResStudy subscribers can contact AAOS customer service at 800-626-6726 to activate their subscription. 

ROCK by the Numbers

Course content is delivered in two formats: bullet points for quick study and an in-depth exploration of the content in longform paragraph format.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo or onboarding session, contact us.