A. Seth Greenwald, D.Phil.(Oxon)

A. Seth Greenwald, D.Phil.(Oxon)
Director, Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
President, Current Concepts Institute
Chairman of the Board, Current Concepts Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio


How has the AAOS helped you throughout your career?
I was elected as an Allied Member of the AAOS on 4 February 1977. Over this period, pursuing my professional career as a scientist, orthopaedic educator, FDA regulatory member and consultant, the AAOS has provided me with a forum that has enabled me to associate with many orthopaedic surgeon colleagues and corporate leaders. Through my involvement on many AAOS committees including Exhibits, Orthopaedic Device Forum, Biomedical Engineering and Biological Implants, I gained continual insight into the activities of the discipline while giving back through the sharing of my knowledge, time and expertise. 

Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to continually participate in AAOS-sponsored meetings and symposia derived for the education of the membership.

As an Allied member, which AAOS resources do you use most and why?
As an Allied Member, the Annual Meeting continues to be a valuable resource for networking, technology updates, professional dialogue and education. This in-person opportunity in addition to the AAOS website containing peer-reviewed journal articles, technique videos, organization updates and a membership directory, all provide valuable resources for ongoing initiatives.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?
As part of a desire to be exposed to great American literary works, I was always intrigued by Robert Frost. His poem, "The Road Not Taken", assured my sense of curiosity and determination to make a difference while breaking down pre-existing barriers.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?
Rise early, ride my bike, drink my tea, contemplate the day ahead and set the goals to be achieved. A good start to a productive day!

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?
Find a good sushi bar, anywhere in the world, frequent it often, enjoy good fish with good beer and be happy to be alive!

What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?
Playing my accordion and thinking about the one great unwritten memoir describing one's life experiences and then setting about to write it. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know?
The personal letter I received from President Harry Truman on my airplane design, which would contribute to the winning of the Second World War when I was 7 years old, parenthetically and probably subconsciously, contributed to my ultimate early life education and experiences in the aerospace industry. 

I was on the path to make the 1955 Flyweight Finals in Madison Square Garden for the New York Golden Gloves when I lost my bout to a chap who went on to win an Olympic Bronze Medal.