Tom Gocke, DMSc, PA-C

Gocke_Tom_Affiliated Headshot_web.png
Tom Gocke, DMSc, PA-C
Physician Assistant
WVU Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV

Why did you join AAOS?
For the educational programs.

How do you define success?
I define success based on my assessment of personal and professional achievements. During the course of my professional life, I have worked hard to create a reputation of accountability, integrity, and dependability. Armed with this professional reputation, I have been able to enjoy a work-life flexibility that affords me opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial projects and allowed me to spend more time with my family.  
Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
My family is my biggest inspiration. We are all in this life together and we are supportive of each other. My wife Cheryl is my voice of reason and keeps me grounded.
What advice would you give to new members of AAOS?
For New PA’s & NP’s working in orthopaedics, invest in your career and take advantage of the educational materials offered by AAOS (example: AAOS journal, OKU, Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care, Essentials of Musculoskeletal Imaging).
Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know? 

I was an Athletic Trainer prior to becoming a Physician Assistant (PA). I worked in an off-site venue for the 1984 Summer Olympics In Los Angeles.