Allen Kadado, MD

Why did you join AAOS?

Joining AAOS was a no-brainer, knowing AAOS to be the central organization within orthopaedics for every stage of an ortopaedic surgeon’s career. AAOS continues to play a critical role in my training, particularly via JAAOS, OKU, OVT, ResStudy, podcasts, and the various webinar offerings. I’m excited to explore the early career resources as I transition to practice.

How do you define success?

I think success is achieved when the appetite for excellence and benevolence becomes habitual. I believe that mutual success among colleagues and organizations leads to the success of our patients and their outcomes, which helps drive my desire to continually improve and collaborate with others in our field.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is my mom, who arrived in this country with little knowledge of the language or customs, yet made a path for herself while constantly prioritizing my education and well-being.

What do you love most about AAOS?

I find it very impressive that AAOS is able to stay relevant to all orthopaedic surgeons regardless of their career stage, subspecialty, practice style, or region. I love that AAOS continues to offer multiple avenues for learning. I'd like to attribute my growth to "self-directed learning," but it's really because AAOS provides a simple and accessible platform, with the perfect amount of "nudge."

What advice would you give to new members of the AAOS?

Explore the abundance of available resources and take advantage of all that AAOS has to offer. Subscribe to newsletters that are of particular interest to you.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

My favorite hobbies have recently evolved to mountain biking, amateur woodworking, and being a father of three little boys—all of which I picked up during training.