Chijindu Emenari, MD, MBA

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Chijindu Emenari, MD, MBA
Adult Reconstruction Fellow
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Fellowship Program you are currently in.
The University of Chicago/ Weiss Adult Reconstruction Fellowship

Why did you join AAOS?
I joined AAOS to stay current on the different innovations in orthopaedics, fellowship with like-minded surgeons, and promote diversity/mentorship. I attend the AAOS Annual Meeting four times in medical school through grants provided by Nth Dimensions and Zimmer Corporation. During these meetings, I was able to learn about the diversity in orthopaedics, and met many Residents, Fellows, and attendings that provided me with substantial advice that has guided me thus far.


How do you define success?
Succeeding in the simplest terms is defined as setting reachable goals and accomplishing them, however large or small those goals might be. As you continue to succeed, you build momentum and confidence to set the bar higher. Over the course of my education and training, I have defined my success by collectively achieving goals with my community. Persevering and lifting each other up as we progress and climb.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
My parents are my biggest inspiration. I am the youngest child of five boys to Nigerian-Americans. My parents immigrated from Nigeria in the 1980s to complete master’s degrees in education. During my early childhood, my parents scarified a lot for my brothers and I to have a good educational opportunity. Due to their sacrifices, my brothers and I are all doctors (MDx2, PharmD, PhDx2). Their patience and steadfast determination were evident in every action and decision they made. They are the reason why I set lofty aspirations and pushed myself to achieve them.

How has the AAOS helped you throughout your career?
AAOS has provided guidelines for how I should practice safe medicine. The yellow journal articles are a great resource that I will continue to use to keep my knowledge current.

What advice would you give to new members of the AAOS?
Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn and network.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.
I was an all-county outside linebacker in high School. After being recruited to play in college, I decided instead to purse chemical engineering.