Stephanie Maestre, MD

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Stephanie Maestre, MD
Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Fellow
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Fellowship Program you are currently in.
Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Fellowship
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Why did you join AAOS?
To explore great opportunities such as networking, career job opportunities, and study resources throughout each stage of my orthopaedic career since residency.

How do you define success?
I define success as two-fold. First, being able to improve my patients’ quality of life and having the privilege of taking care of others. I also define success through the success of my mentorship and my mentees succeeding in their stages of their careers.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Freddie Fu. He was not only a leading figure in the Orthopaedic community but was also instrumental in creating a diverse and supportive environment in Orthopaedics at UPMC. I hope I continue his legacy throughout my career. 

How has the AAOS helped you throughout your career?
AAOS provided amazing resources for each stage since residency, from providing ResStudy questions to online forums and seminars in each transition stage (residency to fellowship, fellowship to practice).


What advice would you give to new members of the AAOS?
Reach out to AAOS members and establish a mentorship early on. You will find amazing groups of people through AAOS. Use the Restudy question bank early and routinely in your residency.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.
I was a former semi-professional salsa dancer prior to enrolling in medical school.