Floor M. Lambers, PhD

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Floor M. Lambers, PhD
Principal Engineer R&D
Basel, Switzerland

Why did you join AAOS?

The Specialty Day between ORS-AAOS triggered my interest. The clinical focus & research at the AAOS has been a great extension to the more technical/translational research presented at the Orthopaedic Research Society.

How do you define success?

In the best case, fulfilling a dream. In a more realistic sense, achieving your personal and professional goals and growing into a role you are passionate about while maintaining a good work-life integration.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I take inspiration from very many different people. My husband inspires me to be the best person and look after others. My previous research advisors inspire me to be curious and deliver the highest quality research: Professor Ralph Mueller (ETH Zurich) and Professor Christopher Hernandez (Cornell University).

My current and previous managers inspire me to think big: Ryan Dahlby (Stryker Sports Medicine), Jens Rueber (Stryker CMF). Many surgeons are a great inspiration to me for creating innovative solutions by sharing deep clinical knowledge and helping me understanding the intricacies of various procedures, especially Dr. Genuario (UC Health), Dr. Mather (Duke Health), Dr. Nho (Rush University Medical Center), Dr. Coleman (Hospital for Special Surgery), Dr. Athwal (St Joseph's Health Care), Dr. Hartzler (The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group), Dr. Sanchez-Sotelo (The Mayo Clinic), Dr. Rudzki (Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine).

Finally, several female (technical) leaders inspire me as a role model: Dr. Spiker (UW Health), Prof. Marjolein van der Meulen (Cornell University), Dr. Hollis Potter (HSS), and Professor Tamara Alliston (UCSF). 


How has the AAOS helped you throughout your career?

The ICL's at the AAOS have taught me a lot of clinical insights, as well as the scientific exhibits. The JAAOS (and CORR) allow me to keep up to date with the latest research and trends. I have very much enjoyed listening to the interviews in the JAAOS Unplugged Podcasts (congratulations to Stephanie Pearce and Cory Smith)!

What advice would you give to new members of AAOS?

Be bold and take the opportunities you are granted by the AAOS. Never stop learning. Look for mentors that can sponsor and/or support you. Don't forget to look back and celebrate your accomplishments. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know?

When I was young, if people asked me what I wanted to become when growing up I would often answer "inventor". It is still a desire, and I think I'm on a good track getting there!