Influencer Series: Giving Back to Student Athletes: Dr. Keith Feder, 2022 AAOS Humanitarian Award winner

An athlete who became an orthopaedic surgeon, Keith Feder, MD, FAAOS, recognized during his residency the gap in orthopaedic care for high school student athletes in underserved communities. Practicing in California, he offered free sports medicine care to student athletes at inner city schools before he founded the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation in 1994. Dr. Feder, as the 2022 AAOS Humanitarian Award winner, shares the programs and philosophy his foundation follows to help more than 13,000 student athletes each year.

Liana J Tedesco, MD, Chair, Resident Assembly Executive Committee

Keith S Feder, MD, FAAOS, 2022 AAOS Humanitarian Award winner