Consolidation in Healthcare: Trends, Impact & Outlook

The consolidation of hospitals, practices, and the healthcare market in general is a hot button issue which remains ever-present for orthopaedic surgeons. AAOS Advocacy Council Chair and podcast host Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS explores the trend and its impact on musculoskeletal care from various angles in this three-part series. In Part 1 with health policy analyst Brian Miller, MD, MBA, MPH, they identify the pros and cons of consolidation and how the federal government is handling potential downsides.

Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, Chair, Advocacy Council

Brian Miller, MD, MBA, MPH, Hospitalist and Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Additional links and resources:

Health Affairs article on the topic from Drs. Brian Miller, MD, MBA, MPH, and James Ficke, MD, FAAOS can be found here.

Podcast episode on “Lifting Restrictions on Physician-Owned Hospitals” can be found here.

AAOS Advocacy Action Center can be found here.



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