Unity in Orthopaedic Advocacy

AAOS is the leading voice for musculoskeletal health, but its voice is only as strong as its members are unified despite their vast differences in sub specialization and political ideology. In this episode, former AAOS President Gerald Williams, Jr., MD, FAAOS (Pennsylvania) makes the case that coming together as one national orthopaedic organization and staying focused on ortho-partisan issues is necessary to advocating for patients’ best interests and being heard in a politically fragmented environment.


View the 2022 Unified Advocacy Agenda here.

Learn more about the AAOS Advisor's Circle here.

Visit the AAOS Advocacy Action Center here.

Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, AAOS Advocacy Council Chair

Gerald R. Williams (Pennsylvania), Jr., MD, FAAOS, Former AAOS President



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