Prior Authorization Resources

Increasingly, insurers are requiring prior authorization before procedural services creating administrative burden for surgeons and a barrier to patient care. Learn what you can do to more easily navigate the process using the tools and resources below!

Tip Sheet for navigating the process

We understand that the prior authorization process can be lengthy and burdensome. That's why we created a Tip Sheet to help! It includes tips for physicians seeking approval, next steps if you've been denied, as well as guidance for peer-to-peer review.

Template letter to fight an appeal

We've created a template to help get you started with an appeal. Be sure to make copies of everything sent with the appeal for your records and use tracking if you're sending the appeal via mail.

Webinar: Prior Authorizations

Webinar_Prior Authorization.png

This webinar will highlight the recent policy changes and AAOS advocacy efforts to help reduce the burden of Prior Authorizations. This webinar will also address strategies to work through the hurdles and cumbersome process with payers.

Opportunity to advocate for policy reform

Without policy reform, prior authorization will continue to burden patients and physicians. You can help advocate for change by contacting your representatives in Congress via the AAOS Advocacy Action Center. Grassroots advocacy is a powerful tool for strengthening the voice of the orthopaedic community on critical health policy issues.