Limb Salvage or Early Amputation

Clinical Practice Guideline

Published Decemer 6, 2019

Produced in collaboration with METRC and with funding from the Department of Defense, this clinical practice guideline addresses the decision factors important to the selection of amputation or limb salvage of adult patients with severe lower extremity trauma distal to the femur.


Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) provide evidence-based recommendations for current orthopaedic diagnostic, treatment, and postoperative procedures. Multdisciplinary clinician work groups and AAOS staff work together to synthesize published research with the aim of providing a transparent and robust summary of the research findings for a particular orthopaedic disease topic.

Trauma Toolkit

The Trauma Toolkit is a collection of related information, resources, and tools to assist AAOS members in making informed practice decisions based on evidence-based recommendations and/or practice standards. The information provided compiles advocacy, practice management, and quality improvement resources while including clinical and patient education.



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